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The 4.0.0 release is a major release that contains many new features and improvements. The improvements include: a complete revamp of the Resource (Asset) system, an LIR/RIR management system to manage multiple ASNs and RIR credential sets, a new permissions structure with user groups and Resource based access, global search auto-complete, and an improved GUI setup (available since 3.9.3).

New Features

RIR/LIR Manager

If you have multiple ASNs, LIRs, or RPSL Maintainer Objects to manage - this is the feature for you. You can now enter an unlimited amount of ARIN or RIPE credentials and select which set of credentials to use when updating an IP block. Additional detailed error reporting has been added to provide specific information in the event of an update failure.

The credentials for all LIR's under a particular RIR are displayed when the RIR Integration icon is clicked, allowing quick and easy switches of blocks between different organizations or maintainers.


Control and set access to your IP data, DNS, and Resources exactly how you want it. Full CRUD permissions for each section of ProVision can now be controlled on per Resource basis through user groups. Previously, permissions were based on sections of the tool: IPAM, DNS, Peering, Resources, etc. and applied globally. Permissions for each section are now attached to individual Resources. Additionally, user groups have been added to simplify permission assignment. Full CRUD permissions for each section of ProVision can now be controlled on per Resource basis through user groups.

The new permission structure has completely replaced the Customer Portal functionality in versions pervious to 4.0.0. Customer Portal users will be migrated to standard directory of users that have permissions only on their specific customer resource.

Note: The Radius and LDAP integrations have changed signifigantly with the addition of user groups. The configurations for 3.9.3 and prior will NOT work with 4.0.
For more information, see the documentation:

Global Search Auto-complete

Find what you are looking for quicker and easier. Global search will now provide a drop down of auto-complete answers, and the section that contains the relevant results.

Resource (Asset) System

ProVision has a new ultra flexible asset management system that looks good while doing it. The Resource system has a smoother look and feel with pagination, search, and quicker, more detailed methods for creating custom fields and data types. Both Catagories and types have been added to help better organize Resources.

And if you are a fan of pretty things, there is a new graphical Resource view that displays the hierarchical layout of Resources, and allows for drag/drop to reorganize Resources.


We have moved to a new and improved documentation system at: Help documents are now fully indexed and searchable. Video tutorials are being added soon!


No more changing text configuration files! 4.0.0 now has a GUI setup wizard to check the system configuration for errors, and load the configuration files and database from a few simple fields.

Minor Improvements

IPAM - generic code field added to API Smart Assign call. (CFR-44)
Authentication - set default login type via constant. (CFR-43)
Reporting - Add reporting functionality on Top Level IP Aggregates. (CFR-42)
DNS - List zones alphabetically, and then numerically by IP octet/nibble.

Bug Fixes

IM-812 - Confirming the Org ID of IANA on welcome page produces blank screen.
IM-922 - Successful Radius login rejected.
IM-455 - Do not allow duplicate zone creation.
IM-833 - Fix to save record on Zone View when hitting enter key.
IM-937 - Fix to close record using view icon on Zone View.
IM-941 - Fix for global search timeouts.
IM-940 - Updated import CSV header type checking to accommodate .csv files generated from a variety of different sources.

Minor Release 4.0.1

IM-1079 - IPs in Holding can be assigned via Browse Assign.

IM-1088 - Daemon user visible in accounts section.

Minor Release 4.0.2

IM-1099 - IPs in Holding can't be manually over ride reclaimed.

IM-1100 - Latest import code not checked into 4.0.0 branch.

Minor Release 4.0.3

IM-1102 - Contact info gadget information does not save on first click.

IM-1101 - IP block scan Found hosts number does not refresh on completion.

Minor Release 4.0.4

IM-1119 - Odd session behavior/results with api calls.

Minor Release 4.0.5

IM-1120 - Generate forward/reverse DNS for resources not working.

IM-1125 - Session Bug - User timeout/logout allows API request as user with no permissions

IM-1131 - Warning in search.php line 92

IM-1132 - Customer import from .csv field count issue

Minor Release 4.0.6

Maintenance release - Peering code integration

Minor Release 4.0.7

IM-1136 - ContactInfo gadget reading and saving incorrect field name for phone and fax