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Under "Task Detail", fill in the following fields (fields may vary based on the selected task): 

Name: Create a name for your task

Task: Select a pre-created task from the dropdown menu. 

Email From / Email To: Enter an email address to send task notifications from, and the desired recipient. This is an optional setting.

Resource / Server / Action / Location: Some tasks have additional selections to perform the task on a specific resource, server, save to a specific location, or perform a specific action type. Options will vary depending on the selected task. 

Start: The start date you wish the task to begin repeatedly occurring. By default, the current day is entered. 

End: The date you wish repeat settings to end. For one-time tasks, enter the next calendar day after the start (run) date. To have a task run indefinitely, leave the end date blank.

Add Repeat Settings

Add repeat settings for your tasks. First, select your repeat type - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or none (one time). The type that you select will prompt different additional setting options.