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Click on "Add new Rule", and the Manage Ruleset screen will appear, prompting you to enter a Ruleset name, and select positions to reserve.

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IP Rule Positions

Reserved addresses are set by their position in the block. Positions start at '1', for the first address in a block, and step up by one for each subsequent IP address.  The last position in a block is '0', representing the last address, and steps down a negative integer for each position from last - so the last three addresses in a block would be represented by (0, -1, -2). When reserving multiple positions, the typed order of the positions does not matter.

Position examples:

(1) - Reserves the first IP

(0) - Reserves the last IP

(1,2,3) - Reserves the first three IPs

(0, -1, -2) - Reserves the last three IPs.

(1,2,3,0,-1,-2) - Reserves the first three and last three IPs