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titleUsing File Connectors...

Using Router File Connectors

Step 1

Generate a router response data text file (it should be named “cisco_router_data.txt”, “juniper_router_data.txt” or “arista_router_data.txt”) and place it in ProVision's /data directory. 

To generate the router response, run the following commands:

terminal length 0
show bgp ipv4 unicast sum
show bgp ipv4 unicast neighbor
show bgp ipv6 unicast neighbor
show bgp neighbor | display xml | no-more
show bgp group | display xml | no-more
terminal length 0
show ip bgp summary
show ip bgp neighbors
Step 2

Create a new 'Router' in ProVision, selecting the appropriate file connector as the Router Make type - CiscoFile, JuniperFile, or AristaFile.

Note: These connector types are only used for this direct data import process - do not select these for standard ProVision router/session creation, as management functions (config pushes, session states, etc) do not obtain a router connection while using File Connectors.

Step 3

Navigate to Admin → Data Import → Peering BGP Import.

Select the appropriate exchange, then the File Connector Router that you created.

Click "Load Sessions", and the sessions contained within the router data file will be available to review, select, and/or import into ProVision.

Via APIv2

The same import process may also be performed via APIv2, using the following information:

1) "router id" contained within the URL for an already-created File Connector Router

2) "ix_id" (the ID of the exchange) in the body

3) "router_response" (the output from the router) in the body

The APIv2 details can be view from ProVision swagger documentation at  ['instance']/dev/swagger/spec.php?family=peering#/default/single_parse_bgp_info

That command will parse the router output and return an array of detected sessions and groups. The sessions and groups then need to be individually added using POST /peering/sessions and POST /peering/peergroups.