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ProVision 5.3.1 2 is a minor release with bug fixes.


title5.3.0 Peering DB Changes

ProVision version 5.3.0+ uses the Peering DB 2.0 API. As of PeeringDB 2.0, SQL dump files are no longer provided. If you are using ProVision 5.3.0 or higher, you must follow the new install process detailed at Local Installations - Peering Setup. If you are a ProVision Cloud customer and are hosted out 6connect's environment, this has already been setup and requires no further action on your part.


Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.



To apply an IPAM Rule to a DHCP Pool, select "Apply an IPAM Rule" to view a list of existing rules.

Select a rule, as well as any other criteria, and click "Add Pool".

The resulting Pool will be created with the adjusted range.


Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM-XXX: General CPNR connector enhancements. 


IM-2450: The "Group Information" hover display now lists the resources the current user's group(s) affects.