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  • Resource Entries: 
    These are the actual resource names. When you click the "Add Entry" button you can customize various elements of the entry and assign the parent resource, section and category from their respective dropdown menus. You may also add a Custom ID if desired. 
    When done, hitting "Create" and clicking on "Open resource here" will pull up the field set for the chosen section and allow you to enter the data for the given entry.
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  • Resource Sections: 
    These can be anything from "customers" to "firewalls" to "cross-connects". Since you can customize the fields for these elements, you have flexibility in organizing the data. Check out Customizing Sections and Customizing Fields for more details on how to fit these elements to your business.
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  • Resource Categories: 
    Categories can be used to create some filtered views for given resources and sections. For example, you can create a section called "Resource Holder" and then assign a category "Customer". Then you can view a list of resources that have been assigned to category "Customer". In the same way, you could also assign a section called "Router" under the parent resource "Corporate Datacenter" and then assign a category "Infrastructure".
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Want to customize Sections? Check out Customizing Sections and Customizing Fields for more details!