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Table of Contents

What are Gadgets?

Gadgets display on the Resource Entry page, providing information or actions for various ProVision modules.  They are best described as self contained webapps; widgets but with more power. Gadgets can have their own fields, HTML templates, and even accompanying scripts and stylesheets. They can interface with the API to display simple information such as the resource section, or they can perform much more complex functions, such as IP assignment in the IPAM Gadget. 

Gadgets are enabled per section, so that the gadgets that display in the UI may be different for various section types - A resource with the "Server" section would have different display and functionality needs than a resource using the "Resource Holder" resource. 

Adding Gadgets to a Section

In order to display on a resource entry page,  Gadgets must first be added to a section - see Customizing Sections for detailed instructions. 

When editing a section, navigate to the "Manage Gadgets" area at the bottom of the page, select the gadget you want to show for that section, and hit "Add Gadget".

Once added, you may customize the order you wish them to appear on the page by dragging and dropping into the desired order. 

When done, click "Save". Once added to the section, gadgets will be visible for all resources of that section. 

To view the gadgets, open the resource entry page for any resource under that section.

For additional details on editing sections and enabling gadgets, see Customizing Sections

Available Gadgets

A number of gadgets are available to add to the resource entry page, and support various modules. For details on each available gadget, see the following section:

Children Display

Creating your own Gadgets

6connect provides XML specifications for users interested in creating their own gadgets for ProVision. See the XML Specifications section linked below for more information.


User created gadgets are not supported at this time and the specification below could change without notice. If you want to make your own gadget, please get in touch so we can help you

Additional Information

Continue on to the following pages for additional information on Working with Resources in ProVision: