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Future Release Roadmap

7.x Release 1

  • Route 53 Connector (AWS) for DNS
  • DDNS zone management enhancements for selected DNS platforms (as supported)
    • In some cases, zone records that are not actively queried may be candidates for removal. ProVision will query DNS platform(s) and display the zone record creation and last query information so that the DNS administrator can take action as needed.
  • Zone query/access statistics for selected DNS platforms to be used/displayed in the DDNS zone management enhancements
  • Approvals Module Enhancements
  • ISC Kea Connector for DHCP
  • BIND Catalog Zone Support enhancements
  • Peering enhancements

7.x Release 2

  • Backup v2
  • Arista Connector - Peering
  • RIR Audit/Lookup Tools
  • VMware Connectors - ESX and vCenter
  • Zone/Config push options (time zone per object, etc.)
  • Reporting Revamp (incl VLAN, scheduled reports)
    • IPAM - Aggregate utilization report via email (CSV, PDF) with basic format options

2018 Big Roadmap Items (in scoping stage) - if you want these, let us know!

VMware NSX plugin - a few customers are managing VMware environments and would like to see some tighter integration of network provisioning. Initial discussions have been centered around a similar approach to our Neutron use case. ProVision would be able to natively assign IP blocks (subnet and host) for VMware's use. Additional integration would be DNS zone record updates (forward, reverse) to the DNS server specified in ProVision (the server could be physical, virtual, service, etc.). We also received a request for DHCP support that may also be explored so that all IP data stays centralized. We are assuming automation of SWIP/RIPE functions for IP data to help reduce provisioning times. - CURRENTLY IN CLOSED BETA

VMware ESX - Contact us for more details

VMware vCenter - Contact us for more details

Circuit Manager (includes provisioning support for Supported Connectors) - building on the UI updates in addition to the robustness of the Resource Manager in ProVision, we have received multiple requests to build a dedicated Circuit Management module for ProVision. This would allow physical and virtual circuits to be provisioned across datacenter endpoints. We are scoping this as a full module, so the user will be able to "build" a circuit in the UI and define the various endpoints, then ProVision will actually configure the circuit.

SolarWinds Connector - we are scoping this out on two fronts based on some requests - one is for an IPAM connector/importer, the other is integration of their monitoring data into ProVIsion and the Resource Manager. We are still scoping this out, but see this as a great use case for our Reverse API and functionally similar to the Observium integration we built earlier this year.

OpenStack Neutron plugin - we are scoping this out on a few fronts. We are trying to be flexible on the Neutron plugin side, and accommodate various SDN technologies. We are scoping a plugin that would allow users to selectively use ProVision IPAM, DNS or DHCP services along with the Resource Manager for whatever hierarchies are being deployed.

CloudFoundry plugin - Container technology is still maturing, but there are some simple functions that would be a big time savers. One example is DNS, the initial zone setup is manual and could be automated with a simple Connector. With IP data, there is a use case for using the message bus to track and log IP data history for services in a scalable way. Their use of IP data is a bit different, but without a clear use case (especially with IPv6) we would need to some more information.

Above is a list of road mapped features for our next release.  The roadmap is highly flexible, and subject to change at any time (even during the release).  We receive a regular volume of feature requests, and will often change the roadmap to include customer feature requests, rather than a scheduled roadmap feature or improvement.

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