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The Scheduler tab allows you to manage and schedule repeating tasks in ProVision.


Removes DNS Zone backups that are older than the " setting in the Scheduler Task. See DNS Tab for additional information on setting up DNS Servers, Groups, Zones, and Push options.

  • GEO IP Exporter:

The Geo IP Exporter searches the ProVision instance for resources which have IP addresses and an address provided in the Contact Info Gadget, then saves the resulting .csv to the ProVision root directory. 

  • IPAM Alerts: 

Set a time / frequency for IPAM aggregate alert emails to be sent to alert recipients. Alert recipient email and available space threshold percentage is set through the action menu for individual aggregates under the IPAM Tab. For information on setting up an alert for an aggregate, see Working with IP Aggregates. This task is created/enabled by default. 

  • IPAM - Process Holding Tank: 

Removes IP Blocks from the Holding Tank and returns them to the available pool. See Holding Tank Management