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titleNetblock Tree Example Walkthrough...

For a simplified example of the how Netblock Tree View displays compared to Block View, we will be using an example aggregate of  of (assigned to "'Available"').

The standard Block View for this aggregate shows it has been split to contain a /25, a /26, and two /27s. The /26 and one of the /27s have been assigned to different resources. 

in In Block View, we only see the lowest child blocks that exist in ProVision: 

When we switch to Netblock Tree View (by clicking "Netblock Tree") we see only /26s in the top level of the view.  This is because, assigned to '01 Telecom',  is the first assigned block encountered. 

Netblock Tree View will ignore and because they are assigned to the same resource as ('Available').

You can edit and expand and because these netblocks exist in the ProVision IPAM tree. You can verify this by switching to Block View, where you see only those blocks which exist in ProVision.

There are no ( different ) assignments under this  Thus, when you expand it you will see only /32 addresses. As these /32s have not yet been created in ProVision → Block View, they only exist as "theoretical" blocks and are not editable, but aid in viewing the totality of available addresses under that prefix.


If you would like these addresses to be assigned or editable in ProVision, you may split the /26 down to the desired number of /32 addresses using templates or manual splits. This will create the addresses in ProVision and allow those addresses to be edited. 

Now, go back up and try to expand - . You will see expandable branches with mask /27, because is assigned to "'01 Telecom 2"'. Since a change in assignment was detected at this level, branches were created for both the assigned block and its available sibling block.

Under those branches display individual /32 addresses, because the /27 is assigned.

As far as the remaining /26 blocks: In 'Netblock tree view' you can't edit or expand and because they don't exist in ProVision - because is not split, so both /26s are "theoretical". 

However, if is split into two /26s in ProVision, the previously theoretical blocks of and become 'real' objects, and will display as expandable and editable.