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Reverse API User Interface

This is a beta feature

The Reverse API endpoint builder is accessed from the Admin section of ProVision, under the API tab.

Clicking on the link circled above will take you to the Reverse API Endpoint Builder interface.

Add a New Endpoint

To add a new endpoint

1) Select "Add a New Endpoint" next to "Endpoint". 

2) Type in the desired endpoint name and call

3) Review / Edit the presentation Javascript as desired for your output

4) Save your new endpoint

5) Test the call on a selected Resource by selecting a Resource from the dropdown, then hitting the "Test" button.


Note: The selected Resource must have a Reverse API gadget enabled section! See Customizing Sections and Gadgets for information on enabling gadgets for a section.

Delete an Endpoint

1) Select the endpoint name next to "Endpoint". 

2) At the bottom of the screen, click "Delete Endpoint"

Edit an Endpoint

1) Select the endpoint name next to "Endpoint". 

4) Save the endpoint

Displaying the Endpoint

The created Reverse API endpoint may be added to the Reverse API Console Gadget, and shown on a Resource's Entry Page. 

To add the Reverse API Gadget to a Section, see Customizing Sections

For information on working in the Gadget, see Gadgets.

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