Customizing Sections

You can create as many Sections as you wish (Firewall, Server, VM, Virtual Interface, etc.) and customize the fields that you care about for each Section. For example, you may not need to track the console port for your virtual firewall, so you would simply not use that field for the "Virtual Firewall" Section. This way you can still track the console port for your physical firewalls like normal.

Step 1: Create a New Section

Click "Add Section" from the Sections sub-tab under the Resources Tab

Create a new Section by specifying a Name, Parent, and Category

Step 2: Add a Custom Field to a Section

Manage existing fields and add custom fields for the selected Section by clicking "Edit Section"

Add existing or Customizing Fields for your Section. You can add new Customizing Fields of different types (text, dropdown, text area) by dragging and dropping the fields as well as use any existing fields that are available. See the Customizing Fields page for more details. 

Step 3: Edit Customize Field Data

Select the field name and you will get an editing window to modify the parameters of the field. Custom fields may be renamed and have other attributes updated, whereas protected system fields may have noted restrictions.

Step 4: Add Gadgets to your Section

You will notice on this customization screen, you also have an area for Gadgets. Gadgets are areas of additional functionality that can be added to the UI of a given Resource. Simply select the Gadget(s) you want to show for that section, hit "Add", then organize in the order you wish to view. Once added to the Section, Gadgets will be visible for all Resources of that Section.