From the command line in your ProVision instance, you can get a manual SQL backup using the following way:

mysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD DATABASE > bkup.sql

You can get the values for USER, PASSWORD, and DATABASE by reading them from the following file:

[ProVision Root]/data/globals.php

An example of a completed command:

mysqldump -uroot -p6connect_DBPSWD qa_5_1_5 > bkup.sql

You can then use this .sql file to restore the old version should you need to revert the installation.

When managing duplicate/overlapping IP ranges within ProVision, there are several methods you can use to ensure that blocks are "unique" and still leverage functions like Smart Assign. The easiest approach is to use metadata for the aggregate (LIR, Region, Resource, etc.). From the ProVision GUI, you can use the "Add Aggregate" function on the IPAM tab (image below) to add a duplicate aggregate. By assigning the new Aggregate to a Resource (#1) you will tie the block and a Resource together. You most likely wish to make assignments out of this new aggregate, so you can enable subassignments (#2) before adding the aggregate (#3).

Now the block will be assigned to a Resource, and you can still provision smaller blocks out of these duplicate parent blocks. When using the IPAM gadget from the Resource screen, just go the Advanced section and you will have more options available for assigning IP data. If you have "strict" enabled, your Smart Assign function should work as expected when you use the LIR or Assigned Resource fields for blocks.

Yes - in DNS Admin, simple specify the DNS Servers like normal and then attach the zones as needed with the desired SOA.

The users list includes a "system user" that is only used by ProVision internally in the application.

In the case when a user already has SWIPped blocks to ARIN, 6connect checks prior to actually performing a SWIP. In the process, if the IP block is already SWIPped, it will check for existing ARIN customer data and update the 6connect data to reflect what ARIN has on file. Once that is complete, the user can then perform a de-SWIP function using ProVision.

When you make an API request to assign a block, if the block is already assigned to another resource, you will receive an error. If your process is to search for and then assign blocks, the Smart Assign API call may be very helpful. That call combines the search and assignment into one action.

Please make sure that URL rewriting is enabled in your instance (apache mod_rewrite)

In some legacy instances we have seen zone record-view linkages come out of alignment and result in unexpected behavior.


Please note that the following mysql commands modify your database! Please take a backup copy of your database before performance any database modifications.

First, verify the error with the following mysql commands:

SELECT count(*) FROM `zone_server_linkage` as t1
INNER JOIN `records` as t2 ON t1.`zoneid` = t2.`zone_id`
INNER JOIN `dns_views` as t3 ON t1.`serverid` = t3.`server_id` AND 
`name` = '_6connectDefault'
LEFT JOIN `dns_view_record_linkage` as t4 ON t2.`id` = t4.`record_id` 
AND t3.`id` = t4.`view_id`
WHERE t4.`id` IS NULL;

If the reply comes back non-zero, then your database is most likely exhibiting unexpected behavior.

The following mysql commands will re-align all the record-view linkages:

INSERT INTO `dns_view_record_linkage` SELECT '', t2.`id` as `record_id`, 
t3.`id` as `view_id` FROM `zone_server_linkage` as t1
INNER JOIN `records` as t2 ON t1.`zoneid` = t2.`zone_id`
INNER JOIN `dns_views` as t3 ON t1.`serverid` = t3.`server_id` AND 
`name` = '_6connectDefault'
LEFT JOIN `dns_view_record_linkage` as t4 ON t2.`id` = t4.`record_id` 
AND t3.`id` = t4.`view_id`
WHERE t4.`id` IS NULL;

Contact support(support@6connect.com) if you have any additional questions or this does not resolve the issue.

To create a reserved pool of IP space, you can create a Section called "Reserved", add the IPAM gadget to it, then create an Entry with that Section to be the address group. From there, use the IPAM gadget and the IPAM Manage page to assign and unassign IP space from that pool.

The workflow for this would be:

  1. Assign IP space to the "Reserved" Section.
  2. When you are ready to pull space from "Reserved", unassign the desired block. This moves it to the holding tank.
  3. Override the holding tank to make the space "available". This can be done in the IPAM manager via the "Override Holding" wrench option, or a manual 'pull out of holding' API call.
  4. Assign the block to the desired Resource.

Depending on your version of ProVision, you may need both steps. Edit the file ﹤6connect web root﹥/data/globals.php and:

1) Change the $hostname variable to the new value

2) Change the $base_url to the new value

Please note that you may also need to update the SSL certs, httpd settings, etc.