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The 3.9.1 minor release provides a few new IPAM features and improved data visualization. It also contains some changes and improvements DNS Master/Slave relationships, and the file structure created on BIND servers during file push.

New Features

IPAM Bulk Edit

There are now checkboxes by each IP block on the IP block management screen. When you select more than one check box, the option to edit multiple blocks appears at the top left of the IP list. Clicking "Edit selected blocks" will bring up the standard edit menu and all selected blocks will be updated to the properties chosen.

IPAM Export to .csv

The "Export Current List to .csv link is located at the upper right of the Manage list. When clicked it exports all blocks displayed on the screen to a .csv file. You can export select sub-sets of blocks simply by filtering or searching the list.

DNS Master/Slave Relationships

One the zone edit page, there is now the ability to push a zone out to a server as a master or a slave to accommodate complex and mixed master/slave environments.

Bulk Zone Server Assignments

On the DNS Admin tab, the second second provides the ability to search for zones, then perform a bulk assignment of those zones to a specific server.

IP Assignments - Hierarchical View

On the IPAM manage screen, blocks that allow sub-assignments, and have at least one sub-assigned block become a link that expands to show a hierarchical listing of space within the block and what resources the space is assigned to.

Changes and Updates

BIND Directory Structure

The directory structure for BIND has been changed so that all zone files now go into a sub folder under ./6connectGeneric that is the first character of the zone files name, either 0-9 or a-z.

RIPE IP Look-up

IP based look-up on the welcome screen for RIPE blocks is now using an improved reverse lookup on mnt-ref and displays all discovered organizations associated with an IP, allowing the user to identify the correct organization.

Bug Fixes

Fix for missing time zone, state, and country information in the admin section and customer address section. This would have only impacted new turn ups between 3/14/2013 and present.