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The 3.9.2 minor release provides a few new DNS features, additions to the API request generator, minor IPAM changes, and minor bug fixes.

New Features

Secure64 DNS Integration

Secure64 Master/Slave integration and DNSSEC integration.

API Request Generator - DNS Utilities

DNS Zones, DNS Records, DNS Servers, Server-Zone Linkage, and Name Server API sections have been added to the API request generator.

Changes and Updates

SWIP Information Display

When a block is swipped, it is now indicated by a green check mark next to the RIR name on the IP manage screen. Hovering over this check reveals the swip details.

Bug Fixes

Fix for IM-807 - Missing email address and exchange information on some peering request forms.

Fix for IM-808 - Scan results not displaying on IPAM manage screen.

Fix for IM-809 - Setting incorrect path for imports temp directory on local installs.