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The 4.1.6 is bug fix release only.

Bug Fixes

IM-990 - ResourceQuery returning incorrect results from empty arrays

IM-1060 - Edit DNS zone missing mouse over text

IM-1155 - IPAM Manage Email function does nothing

IM-1199 - DNS Import Error

IM-1202 - IPAM utilization incorrect or unsplit aggregates

IM-1213 - FireFox on Windows - Admin text areas too wide

IM-1220 - IPAM edit multiple not working as expected

IM-1221 - IPAM manage loading gif not going away

IM-1226 - DNS import does not correctly handle multi-line zone declarations

IM-1228 - Warning on dashboard when no data present

IM-1232 - IP assigned totals incorrect on dashboard

IM-1233 - File swipNetBlock spelled incorrectly - problems on case sensitive systems

IM-1235 - SQL templates contain log data

IM-1238 - SQL template contains 6connect default SOA, should be generic

IM-1241 - SQL template should have more generic default IP list

IM-1242 - SQL template contains /67 in default v4 masks

IM-1243 - SQL template contains bad assortment of defualt v6 masks

IM-1244 - IPAM admin contains lists for v4/v6 exact matches - no longer used

IM-1245 - SQL template default LIR should contain more generic data

IM-1246 - Process holding tank completed text should contain resource name, not number

IM-1250 - IPAM delete throwing error, instead of returning error on bad delete action