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ProVision 5.3.1 is a minor release with new features and bug fixes.

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision version 5.3.0+ will require php version 5.6.

5.3.0 Peering DB Changes

ProVision version 5.3.0+ uses the Peering DB 2.0 API. As of PeeringDB 2.0, SQL dump files are no longer provided. If you are using ProVision 5.3.0 or higher, you must follow the new install process detailed at Local Installations: Peering Setup. If you are a ProVision Cloud customer and are hosted out 6connect's environment, this has already been setup and requires no further action on your part.

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.

New Features

(CFR denotes customer requested)

VLAN Metadata

CFR-114: Customizable metadata fields are now available to hold VLAN-specific information such as Location, Client, Firewall, Gateway, and more.  

These fields can be enabled and disabled in the VLAN Admin section of ProVision, and viewed / edited under "Edit VLAN" in the VLAN Tab. 

Access VLAN Metadata Fields by selecting "Metadata Fields" from the VLAN Admin navigation dropdown in the Admin section of ProVision:

  • To enable a new field, type the desired field name in an empty text input box under "Field Display Name", and select the check box next to the new name. Then, click "Save" to save your changes. Field display names may be edited at any time by simply typing the desired change into the "Field Display Name" box and saving your changes. 
  • Once enabled, a metadata field displays for all enabled VLANs. 
  • To disable a metadata field, deselect the check box next to the Field Display Name and click "Save". Any data that exists under a disabled field is retained, and will reappear once the field is re-enabled. 

View and update VLAN Metadata from the "Edit VLAN" module from the VLAN Tab:

From the VLAN Tab, expand the desired domain on the left sidebar. Click on the desired VLAN, and select "Edit".

In the "Edit VLAN" module, the enabled Metadata fields will be visible. Type in the metadata information for the selected VLAN, and click "Save".

For additional information, see Working with VLANs.

CPNR Connector

CFR-115: CPNR Connector - ProVision's DHCP system now supports the Cisco PNR DHCP device.

Additional Features 

Report-by-Mask (API only)

CFR-116: Report-by-Mask endpoint that provides by-mask breakdowns of total IP addresses, assigned, allocated, in holding, available, assigned %, holding %, available %, and allocated %. See API Module - IPAM (Mask Report) or expand below for additional information. 


Endpoint: /api/v1/api.php?target=ipam&action=maskReport

Example: /api/v1/api.php?target=ipam&action=maskReport&regions=DEN

Sample Return:


Required Parameters:


Optional Parameters:


resource_idINTEGER1234Integer value of a Resource ID. If provided, the system will display an IPAM Mask Usage report limited to blocks associated with a single resource.
tagsSTRING"Customer"Comma separated list of tags. If provided, limits the IPAM Mask Usage report to certain tags (standard tag mode).
regionsSTRING"DEN"Comma separated list of regions. If provided, limits the IPAM Mask Usage Report to blocks associated with the provided region(s).

Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM-2056: User Dashboards now update in the dashboard selector dropdown after renaming.

IM-2408: Updated log sorting for events occurring at the same time to ensure descending sort.

IM-2417: Can once again add missing region references in IP Import from .csv.

IM-2420: Improved ability to move resources when viewed in vertical mode in Chart View.

IM-2421: Resolved issue in  the Scheduler where "One Time" would temporarily be prepended on new tasks.

IM-2427: RIR Integration is now accessible for IPv4 /31 blocks.

IM-2428: Resolved an issue in IPAM Manage - Advanced where the domain filter would display a wrong domain-vlan combination.