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ProVision 7.1.1

ProVision 7.1.1 is a minor release with improvements and bug fixes.

Local Software Requirements Update

For local installation customers, ProVision versions 7.0.0 and newer have upgraded software requirements (in red, below):



Operating System



 Apache 2.4


PHP 7.1


MySQL 5.7

Note on MySQL: We recommend setting the max_allowed_packet setting in the MySQL configuration file to 128MB (or similar) to account for the typical dataset size handled in ProVision.

Features and Improvements in this release:

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.

Minor Features & Improvements

Peering Routers: View all Router Sessions / "Delete All Sessions" Button

IM-3309: Added a list of Router Sessions to the Router Details page, and a button to delete all sessions from a router. See: Peering Routers.

View all sessions associated with a router by going to that router's detail page and scrolling down to the "Router Sessions" section. Clicking on any session will open up the Session Details for that session. 

Delete all sessions in ProVision for the router by clicking "Delete All Sessions" under Router Sessions.

Updated Peering Lists

IM - 3287: Added Router Name/ Router Link  to the Peering Session List. 

IM - 3286: Added Pagination to Peering Lists


Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements

IM - 3264: Resolved an issue in the POST IPAM Netblocks APIv2 call where metadata field values were dropped.

IM - 3269: Fixed an error with the DNS "Clear Errors" button where an error message of "The record has been modified after has been pushed" would appear when no modification had been made.

IM - 3270: Improved handling of PTR records by template with the DNS Error Monitor.

IM - 3277: Updated the IPAM Rules: Create New Rule UI to better handle large quantities of provided positions.

IM - 3285: Fixed an issue where the Peer List "Has Sessions" check mark would not sync with session updates.

IM - 3298: Updated DNS Add Server page to fix a "The password must be of type string" error message that would appear when performing multiple saves on the same server edit screen.

IM - 3304: Updated APIv2 Swagger Documentation to not use placeholder ID values in "Try It Now".

IM - 3310: Updated error message provided when the Peering Email credentials fail.

IM - 3312: Resolved an issue where Peer's contact information was not displaying on the Peer Details page.

IM - 3314: Removed case-sensitivity from DNS error monitor record validity checks for all records (except TXT).

IM - 3315: Contact information on the  Peering "Peer Details" page now correctly shows.

IM - 3316: Resolved an issue where an empty SAML Settings field prevented Auth Settings from saving in a newly created instance.