ProVision 7.4.4

ProVision 7.4.4 is a minor release with improvements and bug fixes.

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Resources "Encrypted Data" Field

IM - 3894: Added encrypted data field for Resources.

The Encrypted Data field can be used to store passwords or other sensitive data in encrypted format. Data will be hidden from view, and a "decode" option available if the user has appropriate permissions on the resource.

Add the Encrypted Data Field to a Section

To add an Encrypted Data field to a section from the edit section page, drag and drop the field from the Custom Fields column. Multiple fields may be added.

Select the field name and you will get an editing window to modify the parameters of the field. Custom fields may be renamed and have other attributes updated. See Customizing Fields page for more details.

Add to the Field Gadget

Once the Encrypted Data field is enabled it can be added to the Field Gadget on the Resource Entry page. Click edit, select the field from the drop down menu, and click add.

Enter desired data and click save.

Data entered in the field is obscured with a Decode button that will convert the data to plain text when clicked. Only users with update permissions on a resource are able to view the plain text when the Decode button is clicked.

When the Encrypted Data field is empty it will display the same as when there is data entered.

Add to the a Resource List View

Encrypted Data fields can be added to custom resource list columns, from the Resource Tab → Settings page, under "Default Columns". 

In the "Select Field" input box, click and search for the field name. The added field will show highlighted in red (with visibility toggled off) at the bottom of the list.

To toggle column visibility on or off, click the "eye" icon on right side of the field row. 

When done, click "Save Changes" at the bottom right side of the page. 

Viewing from the Resource List

Encrypted data can be viewed from a resource list by right-clicking on a resource and selecting "Edit Attributes". 

To encrypt/decrypt the field, click the "eye" icon on right side of the field row. Note: You will only be able to decrypt the field if you have appropriate update permissions on the resource.

Peering Request Email Address

IM - 3913: Added "Request Email" field to Peering Exchanges Settings page

Set the name and email address to use when sending peering requests.

Add Email Address to Exchange Settings

To add a name and email address enter the information into the fields on the Exchanges Settings page and click save.

Viewing from Exchange Details Communications tab

Once the email is entered it will be visible in the Peering "Send Email" box when sending an approval request.

API Updates

IM - 3070: Expanded API endpoints for Smart and Direct Assign to accept metadata field parameters

Direct Assign PUT return model

Smart Assign PUT return model

Public APIv2 documentation is located at

Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements

IM - 3838: Corrected issue with PTR validation function that did not properly detect a formatting issue that should have invalidated a record host

IM - 3867: Fixed Add New Resource parent resource dropdown menu issue that displayed fields instead of resource holders

IM - 3870: Updated IPAM soft merge endpoint in APIv2 to work with current infrastructure

IM - 3877: Resolved an issue in NAT where IPs would retain their NAT’d status after being un-NAT’d during the daily NAT Rotation task

IM - 3881: Fixed Master Slave-Handling selector in Advanced Default Group Parameters menu that was not selectable

IM - 3883: Resolved an issue that caused an error in the assignability of IPAM blocks when both "Propagate" and "Subassignments" were enabled

IM - 3887: Fixed inability to insert text into Peering Request Email field

IM - 3888: Fixed issue with export to csv in Reporting that caused an error that changed the file type in Firefox browser download

IM - 3891: Fixed column sort functions in Admin Approvals section that did not sort properly

IM - 3895: Added Yahoo and Gmail capabilities to Peering Email section

IM - 3896: Fixed error with "Test Connection" function when adding Peering email

IM - 3897: Resolved Reporting section issue that resulted in misaligned columns when a filtered report was exported to csv

IM - 3898: Fixed issue with Runout Report view that caused the results to be split into two different lines when the report was filtered by a region with a comma (e.g. Washington, D.C.)

IM - 3910: Resolved error with DNSv3 ZoneView "Add New Zone" (plus) button

IM - 3911: Corrected misspelling in IPAM edit popup

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