DHCP Administration 

DHCP Administration is primarily handled under the DHCP tab DHCP Servers sub-tab. 

The DHCP Servers tab contains functions for adding, updating, and managing DHCP servers as well as scheduling server tasks. 

Users with resource "read" permissions may view DHCP Server information, however only those with either Admin permissions or granted group-level server permissions can manage DHCP server creation, edits, and deletion.

Additional DHCP Admin tasks occur in other areas, and not all management tasks require Admin-level permissions - some only require appropriate resource permissions on the DHCP Groups, Zones, and servers involved. See additional sections on this page for more detailed information:

DHCP Overview

The DHCP Tab organizes the DHCP system into a more unified and accessible interface, combining both admin and non-admin DHCP tasks together under the DHCP tab.

DHCP pools are gathered under DHCP Groups and servers are attached to those Groups. Pools, attached servers, and failovers are managed at a per-Group level.

Users can then view and manage Groups, individual pools, failover values, attach servers, and perform pushes all on the same page. 

DHCP Permissions

Users with resource "read" permissions may view DHCP Server information, however only those with either Admin permissions or granted group-level server permissions can manage DNS server creation, edits, and deletion.

In order for a user to work with DHCP Groups, Pools, and servers, they must have User Group permissions for:

  • One or more Parent Resources under which the DHCP Group and DHCP Pools will be associated ( it can be a specific resource, or the all-encompassing "TLR")
  • IPAM permissions sufficient to access and manage the desired blocks from which to assign DHCP Pools
  • Permissions on the specific DHCP Server(s) in order to attach, detach, and push.

Creation and management of DHCP servers, as well as scheduled DHCP pushes, are Admin-only tasks. 

Permission Shortcut Button ("Perms")

On the DHCP Server List a shortcut permissions button ("Perms") is available, accessible only to Admin users.

This permissions button allows for direct, point-of-use permissions adjustments to DNS Servers for permission groups. It uses the same CRUD permissions and groups available in the Admin Users tab, but removes the need to remember and search for the DHCP item name. 

To open the Change Resource Permissions module, click on the "Perms" Button for any DHCP server.

Edit the CRUD permissions for any user group by clicking the checkbox for the desired group and permission type. When done, click "Save Changes".

The permission changes will be also be reflected in the Admin User tab Group settings.

DHCP Approvals

The Approvals module stores and queues DHCP actions made by selected User Groups, and sends those actions to a Pending Changes list for administrative review.  Later, an administrator (or combination of administrators) can approve or reject these stored actions. 

Approvals is primarily set up and managed via the Admin Approvals Tab. See the Approvals Tab for details on setting up and using Approvals from the Administrative viewpoint. 

In the DHCP Tab, a "Resources Awaiting Approval" module will display near the top of DHCP Groups, DHCP Servers, DHCP Pools Lists, and DHCP Pool pages, if a change has been submitted on that page that is pending approval. 

Users who submitted a change for approval will see the details of their change request in this module.

Admin users with permissions to approve or reject the request will have the option to Approve or Deny the change. 

DHCP Administrative Tasks

Admin-only tasks in DHCP include scheduling pushes, and creating / managing DHCP servers.

These tasks may be accessed in the following areas:


Tasks such as working with pools, DHCP Groups, editing Group Settings, attaching servers to Groups, and manually pushing pools do not require Admin permissions. 

Instead, these tasks simply require that the user be included in a User Group that has appropriate permissions (either direct, or inherited) on the Parent Resources, DHCP Groups, and servers involved.

Manage DHCP Servers 

Adding, configuring, and managing DHCP Servers occurs in the Admin-only DHCP Servers page under the DHCP Tab.

Supported DHCP server service types include:

  • Cisco Prime Network Registrar

For detailed information on adding, editing, and deleting DHCP Servers, see Working with DHCP Servers.

DHCP Pool Pushes

In the DHCP module, pools may be pushed manually or scheduled for a future time, and may be performed for a single pool, all pools in a DHCP Group, or a full DHCP server.

Scheduling DHCP pushes requires administrative access, but manual pushes only require permissions on the DHCP Group / Parent Resource, and the server(s) attached.

Manual DHCP Pushes:

Manual DHCP pushes may be performed from the following locations: 

  • Single Pool: From the DHCP Groups pool list "Push" button. 
  • Single Pool: From the DHCP Pool Details page "Push Now" button. 
  • Group: From the DHCP Groups list "Push Group" button. 
  • Server: From the DHCP Servers list "Push" button. 
  • Server: From the DHCP Server Settings page "Push Pools" button. 

For details on performing pushes in the above areas, see the following sections:

Scheduled DHCP Pushes: 

Scheduled pushes may be performed from the following locations:

Additional Information:

For more information on DHCP Administrative tasks, see the following sections: 

For non-admin level tasks, see: