Welcome to ProVision!

Our Getting Started documents provide a high-level overview to orient you to working in ProVision.

If you need setup assistance or additional information, you can contact our support team at support@6connect.com.

ProVision Getting Started

First Steps - Not sure where to begin? Here are some key items to consider when setting up your first ProVision instance, including high level overviews of resources, permissions, and importing data into ProVision.

The Resource System - The Resource Management System is a key component of ProVision. This system supports a variety of hierarchies and metadata - understanding how these pieces can be used is important prior to importing data or setting up the application.

Workflow Concepts - ProVision has two distinct interfaces depending on the user level and task. It is important to understand how these interfaces work together from the centralized data. This is important for user on-boarding and training of internal operations staff, developers or engineering teams.

ProVision User Guide

The user guide gives you an overview on the standard UI functions of ProVision and installed modules.

ProVision Admin Guide

The Admin Guide provides an overview of administrative level functions of the different functional areas of ProVision.

ProVision Developer Tools

The Developer Tools section has details on our API, SDKs, and customizing your ProVision instance.

Additional Resources

The Tutorials and FAQ provides additional information on performing specific tasks.