ProVision 5.0.1 is a minor release with bug fixes and improvements

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision 5.x will require php 5.5.+. For local installations, please upgrade php prior to installing the upgrade. Also ensure that the correct Sourceguardian php extension is loaded for the new version of php.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM-1645: API attr_key multiple attributes filter and hyphen conditions

IM-1659: Assignment date for IPAM reporting is not inclusive

IM-1660: Add Session dialog not pre-selecting exchange

IM-1661: Peering - exception thrown for invalid exchange prefix

IM-1662: Install - configBootstrap requires valid email for version list

IM-1663: Install - configTest add mod_deflate check and update version

IM-1665: Subassignment indicator shows up on /32s (ipv4)7

IM-1678: Install - Fix install process with the secure directory

IM-1679: Prevent deleting Resources which have children

IM-1680: Updated "Getting Started" Link on Dashboard

IM-1694: Updated default DNS sec resolver

IM-1695: Session list doesn't refresh after clicking Update Session State

IM-1696: Logging - Remote log attempting to log without host or ip