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ProVision 5.0.1 is a minor release with bug fixes and improvements

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision 5.x will require php 5.5.+. For local installations, please upgrade php prior to installing the upgrade. Also ensure that the correct Sourceguardian php extension is loaded for the new version of php.

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM-1645: API attr_key multiple attributes filter and hyphen conditions

IM-1659: Assignment date for IPAM reporting is not inclusive

IM-1660: Add Session dialog not pre-selecting exchange

IM-1661: Peering - exception thrown for invalid exchange prefix

IM-1662: Install - configBootstrap requires valid email for version list

IM-1663: Install - configTest add mod_deflate check and update version

IM-1665: Subassignment indicator shows up on /32s (ipv4)7

IM-1678: Install - Fix install process with the secure directory

IM-1679: Prevent deleting Resources which have children

IM-1680: Updated "Getting Started" Link on Dashboard

IM-1694: Updated default DNS sec resolver

IM-1695: Session list doesn't refresh after clicking Update Session State

IM-1696: Logging - Remote log attempting to log without host or ip