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ProVision 5.0.0 is a major release with multiple customer feature requests and significant new features

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision 5.x requires php 5.5.+. For local installations, please upgrade php prior to installing the upgrade. Also ensure that the correct Sourceguardian php extension is loaded for the new version of php.

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.

New Features

(CFR denotes customer requested)

Resource Importer

Updates include:

IM- 1466: Resource Importer opens in a new tab 

IM- 1490: Improved ability to adjust column locations

IM- 1557: New on-screen guidance 

IM- 1580: Opening a .csv searches the first 10 rows for a valid header

IM- 1581: Streamlined menu options

IM- 1582: Removed resource search

IM- 1589: Revised appearance of required data columns

IM- 1591: Added UTF-8 warning

IM- 1592: Updated 'Edit Row' interface and functionality

IM- 1609: Active tab highlights

IM- 1611: Row number column able to resize

IM- 1643: Mac .csv files now supported

Peering Manager

Click on the following links for more details on Common Tasks, Managing Peer Communications, and Managing Peer Sessions.

Updates include:

IM- 1593: New ability to set Peer Groups when adding a router and adding a peering session: 

IM- 1552: New "Configure" menu option for one-click config of session on the router

IM- 1553: Sessions of type "Peer" are removed from the router when deleted in ProVision

IM- 1554: Peering importer differentiates between peer sessions matched to an exchange and unknown sessions

IM- 1556: Peering "Source IP Address" column changed to "Router"

 IM- 1570: Import list of groups from router during session import

IM- 1574: Improved read-only peering permissions configurations

IM- 1594: Option to configure router when adding a peering session

IM- 1597: Multiple Peer Groups may be created when adding a router

IM- 1651: Improved Config Manager functionality

IM- 1653: Peering Import section added to Admin->Import

IM- 1654: Added Peer Group import button to session import

Peer Group Gadget

The new Peer Group Gadget allows you to add peer groups for IPv4 and IPv6 for a selected exchange from a router's Resource Entry page. Peer Groups added from this gadget will be available to select in the "Add Session" dialog box. For more details on the Peer Group Gadget, see Gadgets

Note: Peer groups listed in the Gadget are for ProVision only and should reflect groups that exist on the router. Adding or deleting peer groups from the Gadget will not add or delete them on the router.

Additional Features

CFR-22: Smart Assign 'Exclude' tags

CFR-80: Smart Assign 'Strict Tag' and 'Standard' (match all) interpretation

CFR- 68: If IP or DNS are not assigned to a Resource, the Resource does not show up on the Dashboard

CFR- 90: Add "Allow subassignments" when editing multiple subnets in IPAM Manage

 IM- 878: Removed Generate API Request

IM- 1363: TTL field added to DNS bulk records changes

IM- 1506: admin.php checks for a valid license key

IM- 1508: Indicator (blue arrow) on blocks in Resource Gadget and IPAM Manage when subassignments are enabled

IM- 1514: IPAM interface improved for updating/editing multiple block notes and tags. Select "Update Field" to apply change for all selected blocks.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM- 362: IPAM header tab highlighting, added dropdown menu

IM- 930: When marked peer "Not Qualified" or "Rejected, entry is no longer removed

IM- 983: Adding a new Section with blank name now provides error message

IM- 1000: Added "CRUD" legend under manager users

IM- 1061: Fixed navigation breadcrumbs

IM- 1165: Added 'logged in as' text to header

IM- 1096: Relabeled Secure64 entry in dropdown menu

IM- 1097: Updated Holding / Assignment wording on notifications 

IM- 1273: configTest.php Deprecated

IM- 1282: Admin-api.php daemon user visible

IM- 1289: Treeview functionality restored

IM- 1325: Test zonesigner is working for DNSSEC

IM- 1470: Fixed error message in Admin Preferences

IM- 1480: Stop creation of "system" resources through the UI and API

IM- 1483: Moved EULA location

IM- 1504: Can no longer create API key for daemon user

IM- 1506: UpgradeUtil doesn't check for valid license key

IM- 1513: Included note on CSV import screens to encode with UTF-8 for best results

IM- 1519: Import directory structure updated

IM- 1526: Edit IPAM tags empty field save

IM- 1527: Resolved IPAM tags alphabetical sort

IM- 1528: Smart / Direct Assign buttons in IPAM gadget sent two requests when double-clicked

IM- 1530: Revised IPAM Gadget text display

IM- 1531: Delete aggregate button does not refresh page

IM- 1533: ConfigTest.php doesn't test for the writability of the web root

IM- 1536: IPAM gadget displays log information for IPv6 blocks

IM- 1537: Deleting a zone from the DNS Gadget removes it from the chart

IM- 1540: Edited gray text in text box for Direct Assign to be clearer for IPv6

IM- 1543: Removed LIR option from the section dropdown when creating an entry

IM- 1545: Add aggregate has "Available" as the default assignee

IM- 1549: Duplicate customer sample import link removed

IM- 1550: Import customer from salesforce link removed

IM- 1559: User activity report download .csv updated

IM- 1562: Admin up/down now works for Juniper routers

IM- 1565: Treeview top level folder renamed

IM- 1567: Additional countries available in drop down menu

IM- 1568: Block param without mask causes error for ipam-get API call

IM- 1575: Improved handling of a no permissions user on IPAM page

IM- 1583: Restricted creation/editing of LIRs through the Resource entries

IM- 1598: Improved handling of no permissions user on Sections page

IM- 1604: Updated handling of names containing apostrophes

IM- 1606: Improved 'Edit List: IPAM Tags' functionality and sorting

IM- 1613: Revised ARIN ORG handle to 'Org ID'

IM- 1620: Revised "Edited the file: regions" log message 

IM- 1621: Added Custom ID field to Resource entry creation

IM- 1622: Revised the default Section and Category options when adding a Resource Entry

IM- 1624: Revised label location for  'Resource IP Assignment %' on Dashboard

IM- 1625: Revised user account count to disregard system user account

IM- 1626: API User drop down hides 'daemon' user

 IM- 1627: Revised phrasing for Dashboard 'Resource IP Assignments' label

IM- 1631: Entry list page improvements

IM- 1632: Added custom ID to resources with duplicate names

IM- 1634: Changed "Type" To "Section" on Resource Entry page

IM- 1636: Improved handling of restricted permissions user on Resource Entry page

IM- 1637: Improved handling of restricted permissions user on Reporting page

IM- 1644: Improved handling of restricted permissions user on Sections page

IM- 1646: VLAN added to advanced options in IPAM gadget

IM- 1647: Revised display of Password field on routers in section field view

IM- 1652: Improved handling of restricted permissions user on Reporting page