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ProVision 5.0.3 is a minor release with bug fixes and improvements

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision 5.x  requires php 5.5.+. For local installations, please upgrade php prior to installing the upgrade. Also ensure that the correct Sourceguardian php extension is loaded for the new version of php.

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.


Peering VRF:

VRF for Peering now supported for Cisco routers.

Enabling "VRF Support" in the Admin home page under "Peering Settings" will automatically add the VRF gadget to the router Section.

The VRF gadget, available on a router's Resource Entry page, allows you to add VRFs and ASN to a router

Once VRFs are set up for a router, the source ASNs for the associated VRFs will appear in the Source ASN dropdown when adding or editing a session for that router. 
Currently only supports Cisco routers.

Bug Fixes

IM- 1758: Block without VLAN now returns a "No VLAN found" message from a getVlan API call

IM- 1764: Updated IPAM API "Get" call so that the search parameter supports tag filtering

IM- 1768: Resolved an issue where users without IPAM-update permission were able to edit multiple blocks