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ProVision 5.0.2 is a minor release with new features, bug fixes, and improvements

PHP Compatibility

Please note that ProVision 5.x  requires php 5.5.+. For local installations, please upgrade php prior to installing the upgrade. Also ensure that the correct Sourceguardian php extension is loaded for the new version of php.

Contact 6connect at to schedule a demo or get more information.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

IM-1706: API Direct Assign Tagging. See: API Module- IPAM DirectAssign

IM-1705: API endpoint that will return utilization (assigned / available) across all aggregates based on a specific tag. See: API Module - IPAM GetHostUtilization

IM-423: Improved logging for IPAM reporting actions

IM-1252: Improved resource logging

Clicking on a resource log will provide additional log attributes (if available) and a link back to the Resource Entry page, API logs will display API detail:


IM-1388: configTest improvements

IM-1619: Additional information provided in logging: Log messages are more descriptive

IM-1666: Expanded chart viewing width capabilities

Chart view now has an optional "Width" parameter, as well as a "Load More" button to continue viewing additional through the full tree width.

IM- 1675: Added API endpoint to do a recursive delete of resources (Parameter: &recursive=1 ). See: API Module - Resource delete

IM-1688: Fixed password loading issue in Connection Configuration of the DHCP Gadget

IM-1689: Resolved error in DHCP gadget after removing free line entries

IM-1691: Resolved DHCP gadget duplicate error messages

IM-1711: Blocks without parents can now be updated

IM-1714: Resolved an issue with individual block assigning after a multi-assign

IM-1716: Read only / Limited Permissions users can no longer add blocks via API

IM-1717: Read only users can now access IPAM Manage dialog

IM-1718: Read only users can no longer aggregate blocks in IPAM manage

IM-1721: Resolved issues in 'IP Import- Import from .csv' with the "Generic Code" and "Allow Subassignments" fields. 

IM-1723: IPAM Gadget filter no longer duplicates mask entries in the filter drop down