ProVision 7.4.5

ProVision 7.4.5 is a minor release with improvements and bug fixes.

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Move IP Block function

IM - 3802: Added Move IP Block function to IPAM Action Menu

Added the ability to move IP Blocks from one resource to another without needing to pass through Holding or Available.

Open the IPAM Action menu, select "Move" and the Move IP Block dialog box will appear. Select the desired resource to move the block under, then click "Move" to complete. 

Add Entry improvement

CFR - 203: Add New Entry workflow improvement

Multiple new entries can now be added from the Add Entry modal. Attributes can be retained or cleared between entry additions.

The new resource can be opened in a new tab directly from the modal by clicking "Open resource here".

Create and Assign option for IPAM Manage

CFR - 200: Added ability to add new resource from "Assign Resource" dropdown

Added the ability to create a new resource and assign it to an IP block from the IPAM Manage Edit Attributes modal.

Open the IPAM Action menu, click "Create and assign" and options for creating the new resource will appear. Select desired options and click "Add". Remember to hit "Save" on the Edit Attributes screen to complete the process.

ACP Workflow gadget update

IM - 3940: The Workflow Gadget has been extended to respect the Constraints system

Every registered constraint can be used in the ACP Gadget in order to replace the default input field.


The Constraints tab is only available to Admin level users. See Constraints for more details.

Add the ACP Workflow gadget from the Edit Sections screen. See Customizing Sections for more details. Choose a workflow and apply any constraints you wish. If you do not wish to apply a constraint leave the field empty.

On the Resource Entry page enter values in available fields of the gadget and click "Execute Workflow". If the workflow is successful the page will either refresh automatically or load JSON results, depending on the option selected. See ACP ("Workflows") Gadget for more detail.


IM - 3694: ProVision has been updated to support SNMP. See Local Installations: SNMP for additional details.

Added DNS Server statistics option to DNS Global Settings in Admin section. If enabled it will gather information about zone pushes for each server managed by ProVision.

API Updates

IM - 3938: Improved description for the "load_links" parameter GET /resource call in Swagger documentation

Public APIv2 documentation is located at

Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements

IM - 3879: Fixed VLAN selector dropdown menu in DHCP gadget that did not correctly display all domains

IM - 3905: Fixed error that deleted LIR settings for an IP block when multi-editing another field

IM - 3918: Corrected issue with public key authentication enabled DNS servers that did not retain keys when edits to other fields were made

IM - 3920: Fixed logic error in Smart Assign that attempted to re-aggregate divided blocks and allowed them to be assigned more than once

IM - 3921: Fixed permissions issue that did not display sections properly for limited permissions users in the add entry dropdown menu

IM - 3927: Resolved error with IPAM Runout reports export to PDF function

IM - 3929: Corrected issue that did not allow the customer label/custom ID to be deleted from an entry

IM - 3934: Fixed a problem with ISC Bind Slave Servers and Dynamic Updates

IM - 3935: Resolved an issue with Resource Reporting that resulted in export to CSV disregarding the attribute filter

IM - 3941: Fixed a typo in the move IP block modal

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