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ACP Quick Start

This section provides a high-level overview to familiarize you with the basics of ACP.

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Quick Start Pages by Function

Reference & Preparation

  • Before you Begin - Provides a list of items to consider when first using ACP, as well as reference links for supported connector services and their API documentation. 

Page Overviews

  • UI Overview - Provides a high-level overview of all major pages in ACP, navigation, and basic tasks.


  • Quick-Start Tutorial 1 - A step-by-step basic introduction to creating a workflow with a single step. This tutorial covers: 
    • Login
    • Creating a new Workflow
    • Configuring a Connector
    • Adding a Step
    • Basic Step Configuration for Input / Output
    • Basic Execute / Results View
    • Basic Debug Mode

  • Quick-Start Tutorial 2 - A step-by-step intermediate introduction to creating workflow with advanced options and conditions. Tutorial 2 is a continuation of Tutorial 1. This tutorial covers: 
    • Editing Step Inputs
    • Executing a Workflow with User-Given Variables
    • Creating / Linking Multiple Steps
    • Basic / Intermediate Conditions
    • Formatting Output
    • Verifying Condition Routing
    • Reviewing Debug Mode

If you are already familiar with the basics of ACP, you may want to review the ACP User Guide instead.