ACP User Guide

The ACP User Guide provides an in-depth reference for ACP concepts and functional areas. 

It is recommended to review the ACP quick-start guide prior to the User Guide.

The Quick-Start Guide provides a high-level overview of ACP, including navigation, available pages, and quick-start tutorials.

ACP Quick Start Guide

User Guide Pages by Function

In general, ACP User Guide pages are organized 1) in the order that concepts will be encountered while progressing through the use of ACP, and 2) by increasing complexity. 

Concepts and functionality may be given a high-level overview early on and expounded upon in later pages. 

Setup/ Administration

  • User Management - How to add and manage users - this should be one of your first steps in ACP. 

Workflow Basics

  • Workflow Overview - This overview covers basic workflow actions, such as creating a new workflow, editing its identity data, and an overview of high-level options.

  • Connectors - Connectors need to be set up prior to adding any workflow steps. This page covers creating, editing, and importing connectors, including custom Generic Connectors.

  • Workflow Steps - A basic overview of the steps list, including: adding steps, basic step navigation/actions, linking steps, and a high level overview of step options.

  • Workflow Options -  A more detailed look at the tabs available under a Workflow step: Inputs, Iteration, Sub Steps, Conditions, and Outputs.

  • Executing Workflows and Export - Executing Workflows, Debug Mode, and Exporting completed workflows. 

Workflow Advanced Topics 


  • Template Workflows - A list of the template workflows included with ACP - often referenced in this documentation - and how to view them. 

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